Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Vice Principals the Aspiring Leaders of Tomorrow

The leaders that we need for tomorrow are the vice-principals that we see in schools today.  There is a fertile group of administrators who are often one step away from the principal’s role.  The experiences that will lead to a successful role as a principal must be a daily task.   There are decisions about the administration of the school, teachers and the academic success of students. These all combine into a tangles web of decisions that require forethought and immediate responses.  Some vice- principals serve as the Dean of Students while others manage the academic affairs of their school. All leadership opportunities add up to experience s that help’s the vice-principal to grow into a future leadership role. There are ten things that you can do to develop your skills as a leader:
1.  Identify a mentor who has plenty of principal experience
2.  Pursue a master’s degree in management with an emphasis on leadership
3.  Attend leadership seminars whenever you attend a conference
4.  Take on a project that’s important to your school district and do a good job
5. Have a plan for your physical fitness
6. Meet and connect with people who attend district wide training sessions for principals
7.  Participate on a panel during a workshop discussing school management
8.  Write an article concerning your role in your K12 school and distribute it
9.  Create a plan of action concerning your timeline for becoming a principal.
10. Take a technology course to enhance your skills

You are on a journey that requires an open mind to everything that will lead to your success. Never allow yourself to be isolated. You will need people to help you to succeed.  While you are a vice principal you have a good amount of time getting people to know you.  You can often listen to concerns that the principal does not hear from staff and students. Effective communication starts with listening.  Listen to the concerns of your staff and parents.  Always seek to find a solution to problems and don’t let carry on for weeks and weeks.  You are the captain of your goal to become principal.

Dr Stephen Jones is education consultant, author of three books the Seven Secrets of How to Study, the Parent's Ultimate Education Guide and the Ultimate Scholarship Guide available at

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