Monday, January 20, 2014

Unique Time Management Ideas for Busy k12 Professionals

One of the greatest crisis for a k12 principal, vice-principal or teacher is time management. As a professional you are constantly planning but still feeling like there is insufficient time to get things done. Use the power of your words to remind yourself that all things are possible when you follow your plan. You must also be willing to reduce the time of your meetings. Give people more responsibility as a part of their professional development. Ask your staff to send you brief emails to keep you updated. Here are other things you can do:

1.  Make a list of things you can do to save time and follow it.

2.  Organize your office for 15 minutes twice a week

3. Get fit and you will have more energy to accomplish a task

4. Create shorter meetings with an agenda that you follow

5.  Have a things to do list that you check off when something is accomplished 

6.  Make family time a priority by knowing when to leave work

7.  Get connected with families in the community to establish a relationship with parents of children who attend your school

8.  Say no to things that distract you.

9.  Identify an accountability partner who can help you with time management 

10.  Send someone to represent you at events that you cannot attend. Ask them to take notes and email them to you.

If you have a plan, you can find ways get control of your time. Occasionally consider taking a Friday off to reduce your stress. Each Saturday or Sunday take a few minutes to work on your time management plan. You are in control of your destiny. You can have more time by organizing and believing that your plan will be successful. Dr Stephen Jones is a professional development presenter and author of the Seven Secrets of How to Study, the Parent's Ultimate Education Guide and the Ultimate Scholarship Guide at To review free copies of his books for your school in the US send your address to You can contact Dr. Jones at 610-842-3843.

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