Tuesday, June 9, 2015

15 Creative Summer Job Ideas for K12 Student

There are many benefits to encouraging K12 students to work during the summer. They can learn how to use some of the knowledge they obtained during the school. They benefit from learning what professionals do at work. Also they may uncover a career that interest them. It is far better than having a student sit around the house with nothing to do. Here are some job ideas:

1. Encourage a high school student to take a entrepreneurship course at a community college

2. Start a small business with friends

3. Tutor students in other grades

4. Work at a relatives business

5.  Work at a recreation center 

6. Apply for a life guard job

7. Create your own lawn care business 

8.  Pursue a job at a local radio station

 9. Create a baby sitting service

10. Talk to a librarian about summer jobs

12.  Find work in a grocery store

13.  Serve as a camp counselor

14. Teach arts and crafts to younger children. 

15. Start a bicycle repair business 

Learning how businesses work can be enlightening for a student during   the summer. Get your student to brainstorm business ideas with other students. Other professionals can contribute to a student's learning experience. Ask your teachers for business problems you can solve during the summer. If you encourage your students to do something different this summer your K12 students will never be the same  again.

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