Thursday, May 28, 2015

How to Help 8th Graders Transition to High School

The best schools prepare students for their transition to high school throughout their middle school experience.  Often middle school students do not know what to expect.   High school will be much more challenging than middle school.  For example some middle school students have math course but it does not offer enough of a foundation to match what the student will experience in high school.

Here are some things that middle schools can do to prepare students for high school:

1. Establish a transition program between the high school and the middle school.

2. Focus on teaching students good study habits

3.  Learning time management is a key to doing well on tests.

4.  Reinforce doing homework on time. It is a good habit.

5. Establish a tutoring program between the middle school and the high school that students frequently attend

6. Get the middle school student involved in volunteering 

7.  Help the students to learn how to achieve their goals

8.  Have the students to participate in honors classes. 

9. Ask the high school principle how to prepare your student.

10. Visit colleges to keep your students motivated

Principals and students must be active participants in the high school academic preparation process. It is good to talk to students about the choices that they have to make while in high school. You can let them know that there is limit to what they can accomplish. Hard work will always. The middle school students benefit.

The middle school student must also learn how to respond to peer pressure. Talking about peer pressure and how to respond to bullying can help the student's emotional adjustment.

Dr. Stephen Jones is an education advocate and author of Seven Secrets of How to Study. Get copies for students at your

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