Monday, September 15, 2014

7 Unique Student Motivation tips for High School Principals

Do you want to see an abundance of student's coming to your school motivated to learn? Change what you are doing year after year. That's right the principal has the power to make school an exciting place. It can be a place where the students feel empowered to be innovative as they think about how they are learning. The students need to see passionate teachers who are altering the curriculum to keep them engaged. I suggest finding ways the get the students involved in local community and city wide projects to improve the city for everyone. Here are 7 things you can do:

1. Teach your students to play chess

2.  Get a back door tour of jobs at an airport, public transportation and other businesses.

3. Start a entrepreneurship class for students

4. Student professional development class for internships

5.  Teach students how to earn A+ grades

6. Visit companies in the area

7. Start an energy careers course

It is important for students to see how learning more information can lead to a career opportunity. Students need to know that there is a benefit to indepth conversations with teachers who care about their success. The school environment must be a place where students can explore and ask questions to the principal and counselors. 

Today is a good time to try something different at your school. You might find out that the changes that you make gets students to view their school differently. Dr. Stephen Jones is the author of the "Seven Secrets of how to Study" at

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