Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to Motivate Teachers and Inspire Students

What do teachers want most? They want students who are inspired and curious to learn. Teachers who excel in the classroom use innovative methods to engage students. These teachers understand that traditional instruction must change. In this classroom current events and technology is a continuous part of the child's instruction. It is great when there's hands on instruction across the entire school curriculum. Motivated teacher's need freedom to involve student's in demonstrations, projects or experiments that help students to learn their subject better. The overflow of a motivated teacher is an inspired student. It's easy for a student to remember a teacher who regularly showed them something new and raised their curiosity.  Here are seven tips to keeping teacher's motivated:

1.  Flexible classroom instruction options

2. Let teachers create motivational quotes for the class 

3.  Connect with other teachers who are using innovative instruction methods

4. There are Instruction opportunities outside in nature

5.  Teachers are free to encourage students to use homework apps and websites

6.  Freedom to talk to students about  their career and their future

7.  Go on a field trip to a company

The time that a teacher invests in a student know will yield great results later. Your students need time to mature and to appreciate all of the instruction and activities that have led to their success. Students can tell when a teacher is motivated and caring. If you focus on a teacher success your students will yield the benefit.  Dr. Stephen Jones is educator, author, professional development trainer and workshop presenter. Visit his website at You can call 610-942-3843 or email

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