Monday, July 28, 2014

10 Strategies for Principals who Want a Better School

Principals are under a lot of pressure to produce more knowledgeable students.  It takes a lot of effort and planning.  I do believe that it takes a whole village to raise each student’s academic performance. The best principals don't operate a school in isolation they get everyone involved. Here are a few more tips

1. Have a strong desire to help student by having a annual welcome week where students can earn credits.

2. Practice communication skills daily with students, staff and teachers

3. Lead by example at school and in the community

4. Have a personal mission statement that you follow

5. Be willing to change the way that things are done in the school. Get suggestions.

6. Work on you leadership skills 

7. Get mentors for student classes 

8. Put students in leadership roles such as student government and other projects

9. Don't procrastinate do first things first

10. Always focus on and expect positive outcomes for your school. Read and listen to motivational books and records.

The road map for a principal’s success is paved with strategic step by step activities. Identify weaknesses in your school and work real hard to eliminate them. Look for partners who can help you like parent groups, local small businesses and national companies. Sometimes you just need more people to change the dynamics of your school. For more insights or a professional development contact Dr. Stephen Jones at 610-842-3843 or visit his website at

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