Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How to Retool your School for Greatness

Gearing up for innovation in your school is one best ways to retool what you are doing. You must find a way to get everyone in the school involved. Everyone must be a leader the staff,teachers, students and parents must take ownership in making the school a better place to learn. Everyone can make a difference just by adjusting their expectations of what can happen at the school. Focus on helping more students to get better grades. Send home certificates of academic excellence during the school year rather than waiting until the end. Your school building may be old but find ways to brighten the walls with student pictures, positive quotes, poems and college banners. Here are other things you can do:

1. Get everyone involved
2.  Embrace new ideas
3.  Hire new people for strategic roles
4.  Change the classrooms
5.  Focus on student leadership
6. Make tutoring available with local college students
7.  Have fun and competitive events
8.  Students and staff volunteer on projects in the community
9.  Work with police to make it safe to come to school
10.  Visit other schools and community organizations to get new ideas 

You can retool your school just by showing students that you care.  Find ways to show up at community events where your students perform. Start a chess or robotics club. Find your teachers passion and capitalize on it. The teachers can share their passion by forming a club for students who are interested. Every new and innovative step you take is bringing you closer to a successful school. Dr. Stephen Jones is a professional development and workshop presenter. He is the author of three academic success and college preparation books at http://www.studyskills2u.com or call 610-842-3843

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