Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How an effective Professional Development helps your School to Prosper

Did you get all that you wanted from your last professional development?  An effective professional development must involve more than a one day seminar at your school. You want a professional development experience that will help your staff, teachers and students to prosper throughout the year. All change takes time. Sometimes it's important to have a professional development theme for the year. In other words there are some consistent things that you want to develop over the entire school year.  Invite a presenter to come more than once or have several presenters focus on the same theme.   You want to maximize everyone's chances that they will grow as an outcome of the professional development sessions. You and the professional development person can come up with some themes that will be introduced during each session. When staff and teachers feel supported they will respond and the entire school can change. Here are ten things that will change your school.

1. Show staff your goal for the year and how you all can measure progress. 

2.  Be a visible leader with students, staff and teachers.

3. Change starts with you

4. Visit another school to see how they implement a good professional development 

5. Have a monthly conference call with your professional development presenter

6.  Don't give up change takes time

7. Ask the presenter what resources will help your school to become better

8. Expect great things for your school. Your energy will spill over to everyone.

9.  Ask your teachers and staff for suggestions. Express appreciation and let them know when you are implementing their suggestion.

10. Try a new professional development presenter 

You should select the professional development that fits your school.  Find ways to move the items that are in the way of your student's progress.  Seek to strengthen the resources that teachers will need to help students to achieve. Don't look at change as work. Look at it as an opportunity to make your school function better. Move forward with purpose there is nothing you can do about the past. Dr. Stephen Jones is a professional development presenter and author. To reach him email
 or 610-842-3943. Visit his website at

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