Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How to Create Inspired and Effective New Principal

The ability to become an effective new principal is not the end it is only the beginning of a fantastic journey.  The need for professional development for new principals is critical to a schools success. There are more demands on principals than ever before.  Putting a new principal into a school without preparation is dooming them for failure.  Superintendents of schools must have a plan that incorporates training and mentoring for more than one year. A new principal needs to know that he/she is supported by an administration that cares about a new principal’s success.
For the new principal it is time to get ready to change the lives of thousands of students.  The new principal is a catalyst for innovation where school staff, teachers and students adapts a new culture.  Here are a few things that new principals can do remain inspired and to excite their entire school about academic excellence:
1. Have a career day every month to expose students and staff to new possibilities
2.  Write down your goals and make them measurable
3.  Join Pinterest and get information from Pins on education, STEM, student activities and other topics
4.  Read inspirational leadership books each month and purchase them for staff too
5. Partner with a seasoned mentor who can offer you good advice
6.  Involve your students in STEM activities throughout the school year
7.  Pursue additional education. Consider an executive MBA or a Ph.D
8.  Join an association of secondary education leaders and attend conferences
9. Join Linkedin leadership group for K12 administrators
10.  Make it a goal to highlight the success stories of your staff, teachers and students
The key to effective organizational leadership is having clear goals that you are following. These goals can influence your teachers, students and parents to take action. They can improve the academic engagement and foster a positive relationship with the local community. Also, since you are the leader you will need to stay on top of new technology and trends that affect your schools performance. You can share articles and other information with your staff and faculty that help them to do their job.
One great assessment tool that you can use is called SWOT analysis.  This analysis will reveal your schools strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Use the SWOT analysis to map out a plan regarding how to address challenges that your school is facing and highlight your successes too.  You should get everyone involved to get your best picture of how you can move forward with new goals. Involvement will help everyone feel happy that they have contributed to your plan.  Focus on opportunities to make your school the best that it can be.

If you are a new principal the best is yet to come for you.  Every successful leader understands that good things happen over time.  Don’t be afraid to ask people questions. You can influence young people to become future leaders by your own leadership style.  Often people may not remember what you said but they will remember what you did to make a difference in their life.  Pursue excellence and you will find that being a principal is not a job it is the rewarding experience that you always expected.  Dr. Stephen jones is a professional development presenter and the author of the Seven Secrets of how to Study, the Ultimate Parent’s Guide and the Ultimate Scholarship Guide at

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