Monday, July 4, 2016

10 Revolutionary Ways to have a Free Mind

Do you want a revolutionary change in your life? You are the one who can make it happen. Don't wait on others. What you want to do may never fit in their schedule. You must be the captain of your ship and commit to going in a new direction. In each of us is the possibility that we might create something innovative or unique that the world has never seen before. When should you start? Today is the best time to grant yourself permission to get busy. Here are more tips.

1.  Use the digital recorder on your cell phone to record things you want to remember.

2. Forgive people who have hurt you and move forward. Other people can cause you mental stress.

3. Periodically take a long weekend vacation by taking off Friday and Monday

4.  Write things down that you need to remember to get rid of the stress of remembering 

5. Leave your home and take a brief vacation at a local hotel. Reduce the stress in traveling by airplane or car

6. Start a new project that you have been promising to start the last five year

7. Don't close the door on the new opportunity. 

8. Be joyful. Being angry will only increase your stress

9. Volunteer your time and contribute to something you enjoy 

10. Read positive quotes and books and create your own quotes that will inspire you toward success

You are a highly capable person. Say what you want to become in the next few weeks. Take each day as a chance to learn something great that you can incorporate into your vision. Your greatness is waiting for you!

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