Saturday, December 6, 2014

Should K12 Schools Prepare Students for College

Many K12 school principals and teachers think that high school is the best time to prepare a student for college. A child's elementary school education experience is actually laying the foundation for success while enrolled as a college student. Parent's play a key role too. They create the expectation that their child will go to college. That's why I wrote the Parent's Ultimate Education Guide. The right elementary school experience will plant the seed of enthusiasm for learning in a child. That enthusiasm will sprout again and again in middle school and high school. Students that read with great comprehension are on a pathway that can lead to good preparation for college.
Here are 10 creative things the K12 school administrators and teacher's can do to prepare students for college:

1. Start a chess club. It teaches problem solving.

2. Create a 100 book reading challenge. Children build their vocabulary by reading.

3.  Teach kids underwater robotics. Consider the MATE competition

4.  Design student projects that focus on the environment. It can create an enthusiasm for science.

5. Create an entrepreneurship club for students who want to start businesses.

6.  Invite college students to regularly talk about their major and to do fun things with the students.

7.  Arrange for students to visit a college campus.

8. Get local college students involved in tutoring.

9. Form a science club and enter the student's into a competition.

10.  Encourage students to play music. These students have very high rates of graduating from college.

The middle school years should not be ignored with regard to college preparation. A middle school student should pursue any honors classes that are available. Teachers should talk to students about their college experience. Students enjoy having conversations about their teacher's college experience. Let your middle school student select a college that they want would like to research and give a presentation about. All of the students in a classroom can benefit from their research paper or powerPoint.

College focused high schools should encourage students to speak with a college counselor during the 9th grade. The students should not wait until the last minute to develop a plan. It is amazing how four years of high school ends so fast. A ninth grader can take a career test to get some ideas regarding their job interest. It is also important to inform ninth graders about summer programs that are held on a college campus. Encourage all students to take advanced placement (AP) classes and explain their value to parents and students. Students should also understand that they must maintain good grades throughout their high school experience. Encourage all seniors to complete the common application for admission to college.

Get your elementary, middle or high school geared up for college. Have college displays and banners throughout the school. Invite a fun professor to do experiments at an assembly. Promote a positive expectation that students will do well in your school. Put famous motivational quotes on display in your hallways. 

Yes your student should go to college or a trade school to receive a post secondary education. A child's education determines their occupation and their occupation determines income. It is important to get children ready for 21st century careers early. Our current K12students are the leaders of tomorrow.

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