Thursday, June 28, 2012

Professional Development for Teachers and Staff has Benefits

I‘ve had an opportunity to present professional development workshops at schools around the country. I’ve found these experiences to be very valuable for the teachers and staff who’ve been involved. The teachers benefit from hearing new information and a different perspective. Sometimes teachers who have been working at a school for a long time can benefit from a fresh ideas. During some of my workshops we have talked about how to manage stress. It is amazing how many teachers do not take a vacation. I think it is important for each teacher, principal and superintendent to take care of the whole person which includes their physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. Healthy teachers contribute to a healthy school environment. Sometimes it only takes a half hour of walking a few days a week to get results. Walking helps professionals to live a longer life. Here are some benefits of taking advantage of professional development; 1. Learn the latest knowledge that is offered in your profession 2. Increase the ability to communicate and listen effectively to concerns of staff and teachers 3. Learn more about how to reach students and provide skills that are not offered in all courses 4. Uncover creative ways to make classes more interactive and engaging to students 5. Gain a greater awareness of the technology that is changing every year 6. Learn how to work as a team that can create an exceptional school. 7. Gain a greater understanding of what makes organizations work 8. To discuss new strategies that enhance all of the student’s academic performance. 9. Gain confidence that a teacher or vice principal can one day become a principal or superintendent 10. Gain knowledge about different types of educational resources that can help to improve each students performance Professional development is one of the best ways to implement innovative strategies that have a positive result in student achievement. The challenge is identifying teachers and administrators who will actively implement what they have learned. It is easy to go back to the ingrained instruction methods. Professional development is an opportunity to a creative and innovative environment for everyone. Dr. Stephen Jones conducts professional development workshops. You can find out more at 610-842-3843 or call 610-842-3843.

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