Monday, December 23, 2013

How to Seek a Dynamic Professional Development Workshop Presenter

One aspect creating a successful school is identifying the right professional development workshop presenter.   There are many different types of workshops presented all over the country. A workshop presenter who is motivational is one choice and a teacher is another. The professional develop for each school should be tailored to the needs of staff and teachers.  Here are a few tips for finding a workshop presenter:

1. Research the speaker

2. Go to a place to see the his/her presentations

3. Look for professional development presenters at your conferences

4. Call the presenters references

5.  Talk to a colleague about presenters they have used

6.  Look for presenters in your social networks like Linkedin and Facebook etc

7.  Research speakers bureau

8.  Contact your local Toastmasters or National Speakers Association organizations

9.  Watch the speaker on a YouTube, Vimeo or Vine videos

10.  Invite them to a meeting to discuss their presentation

Hiring a professional development workshop presenter can help to improve your students performance. The teachers who have benefited from the workshop presenter will use new strategies in their classrooms.  It may cause them to do research or to identify new books for their classroom.  Also administrators can learn how to cast a new vision for their school. Sometimes an entire school is stuck in doing things one way.  Bringing in a presenter can give everyone a new way of accomplishing the schools mission to educate students. Dr. Stephen Jones is a workshop presenter and education expert who has given presentations to hundreds of teachers, administrators, students and parents who you can contact at 610-842-3843 or Visit his website to find out about his books at

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Professional Development the Key to Leadership

The key to being and effective leadership in education is the determination to never give up. A good leader will know that when something goes wrong it is an opportunity to learn. It's actually a time to do something different then you've done in the past.  Her are somethings you can do to take your leadership to another level:

1. Read a leadership every three months

2. Read leadership ebooks

3. Attend an online seminar on leadership

4. Pursue a masters degree

5. Work on your listening skills 

6. Make a commitment to change

7. Download a MP3 recording from blogtalkradio

8. Attend a leadership and motivation conference

9.  Serve as a leader in a local education association

10.  Identify a mentor who is a leader and stick with him/her

It takes time to become an effective leader. You must accept all of the stages.  You will gain more wisdom
with each year that goes by. Stay steady and look for ways to keep yourself motivated by talking to others. You can make it. Dr. Stephen Jones conducts professional development workshops. You can contact him at 610-842-3843  or at